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small/Mighty at La Bodega

Thank you to the people who dedicated th

Buzzys are little animistic creatures. They evolved from an urban landscape that is being taken back by nature.  In the installation I use cinder blocks, bricks, and moss to highlight manmade vs nature. Each Buzzy is completely unique made of mostly found objects and semi precious metals and stones.  They can take months to create.  They are alive.  

I have the chance to show my Buzzys for the first time and I could not be more excited with the fact that they are finally out in the world and that their launching site is at La Bodega Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. This is the second opportunity I have had to show at this gallery and it is a special place. 


A little about the gallery, Miguel Ayuso (@themexiyorker) founded La Bodega Gallery with the intention of forming community and he has succeeded.  The space is intimate and personal with his studio in the back. He holds life drawing sessions during the week and also and runs inspired art classes for children.  Miguel is an artist who just recently had a solo show called (Pup)pet Shadows, it was very cool with a humorous perspective and a bit of pop. The director and curator Johnny Thornton (@_johnnythornton)is also an artist who has shown there and several other galleries. 

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