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I never set out to make monsters, they just came out. They started as small  lunch-notes I made for my youngest son. When I was in France for an artist residency my monsters manifested on a large scale. I wasn't sure how I felt about them, but seeing them through my peer's eyes I was able to see their value, and humor. I realized that if someone else was making them I would feel like I missed out. Monsters have become a constant part of my day, and my identity. I hope you can see the honesty and joy in them as I do.

"Just Be Nice"

Wood panel, acrylic, house paint, oil, glitter, spray paint.



Stretched found canvas, acrylic, oil, glitter, spray paint.



Sheer silk, acrylic, oil, glitter, spray paint.


"Standing on the Shoulders of Monsters"

Cotton, acrylic, oil, glitter, spray paint.


Mural for Hiatus Tequila and The Springs in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

House paint, glitter, gold spray paint.

9'x7' (the whole mural is 24'x10')

"News Print"

Bamboo, acrylic, oil


"Museum Worthy"

Pencil on paper


"Museum Study"

Pencil on paper



Pencil on paper


"Various Lunch-Notes"

ink, acrylic on paper

varying sizes all a few inches.

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