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Studio in the raw.  Prepping for an open

Brooklyn, NY * OPEN STUDIO *  May-2018


I hosted an open studio which turned out to be more of an art show this past May in my Brooklyn studio. Initially I wanted to have an informal gathering of only close friends and family. I thought of it as my "coming out" party. I have never shown my work to the public before in such an exposing way- meaning actually standing in front of my work and taking responsibility for what the viewer is looking at. I am a mother of three living in Brooklyn, NY and I'm used to being the facilitator, not the showman. This was an opportunity for me to be vulnerable and open to an audience of friends and family and some people I did not know so well all at once.



















Grid of small paintings I made in _joshu
Thank you to the people who dedicated th

Scared?  Um, yeah.  

How did it go? 

Well, I learned a lot about what goes into preparing for a show. I had help from a few special people and I was honestly surprised at how much work this was.  This was a very big effort. It was also a lesson in and balancing family and work. 

The show was a big turned out to be a success and a validation to myself that I am an artist. The night of the show was a lot of fun and the response to my art work was very positive. This was a first step up a very steep and narrow spiral staircase. The music malfunctioned but there was a surplus of hot spiced wine and cheese.  Ultimately the night was about art,friends,family and gratitude. I could not have done this with out them and I would not want too.

Getting ready for art show in Brooklyn, NY.  Receiving guidance from the world's youngest critic and curator.

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